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  • Can I see a doctor/chiropractor after an accident if I don’t have Medical Insurance.
    Yes, medical insurance is not needed if your automobile insurance was active at the time of the accident. Your fault or not, as just a passenger or had liability insurance only, your car accident injuries are covered. Bills are sent directly to the car insurance company. You have $15,000 in medical coverage.
  • Do I need a lawyer?
    A lawyer can be helpful, but ultimately that is up to you. Sometimes even your own company can increase your stress level.
  • Insurance has already offered to settle the case, should I?"
    No. At least get examined by a medical professional or speak with an attorney. After you sign the settlement, if you possibly need any more medical care, it would be “out of pocket”.
  • Do I need my doctor to refer me for treatment?
    A referral is NOT required to be seen for an examination and treatment of your injuries.
  • Will my medical bills be covered?
    Yes, if you or the driver of the car you were in had car insurance, your bills will be covered. Be sure to call us to verify coverage.
  • What if it was my fault?
    You can receive treatment for your injuries, if your vehicles insurance was active at the time of the accident.
  • What if I was a passenger and don’t have health or car insurance?
    If the vehicle you were in had car insurance you’re covered. If not, you can still get treatment depending on the circumstances.
  • What if I need x-rays or an MRI?
    We can order any x-rays, MRI or any other diagnostic imaging that is necessary.
  • Is massage or acupuncture covered?
    Yes, your car insurance will cover both massage and acupuncture therapy.
  • I’m only a “little stiff”. Do I really need care?
    Yes. Even minor injuries can have long-term effects.
  • What will my first office visit be like?
    The first visit can vary between 60-90 minutes, and it includes a complete history followed by an examination and treatment.
  • Will you be doing any rehab?
    Yes. Rehab exercises are included in treatment. Referrals to a physical therapist is also an option.
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