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I am 70 years old and have severe arthritis in both knees.  I came to see Dr. Vollmer and he suggested laser treatments. Initially, I was nervous because I was afraid it would be painful. Thankfully, there was no pain or needles; just a warm-comfortable sensation. After my first visit, I felt a very noticeable relief from the pain.  I have continued with weekly treatments and have experienced at least a 50% reduction in knee pain.  This is huge for my quality of life! I’m very happy I tried the laser treatment and would recommend it to anyone with pain issues.  

Pat A. February 1st, 2020
Mari Linn, June 18th 2017

Dr. Brad is hands down the best chiropractor I've ever been to. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional. The thing about Dr. Brad is that he actually cares. Rarely will you find someone in the industry that truly wants to help you and improve your quality of life. As long as Dr. Brad is practicing,

I will always remain his patient.

Aaron S.  June 6th 2020

I have been searching for years!!! Until I moved right across the street from Keystone. I was skeptical to make another appointment and have failure. However, it was completely opposite. Dr. Brad is amazing, he listened to all my problems and wanted to help. He truly cares about his patients as if they are family. And he remembers you. I’m not just another face, he knows my name and asks about my family. I recommend him to everyone I see.

Mari L. June 18th 2017

Dr Brad is fabulous. He got me back on track after a car accident. I see him whenever I need an adjustment, and he is great!

KC B. March 13th 2017

Dr. Brad gives excellent care! He listens, gives excellent chiropractic treatment and gives you ways to help prevent or correct your issues. I highly recommend Keystone Chiropractic!

Ronda H. January 15th, 2016

Dr Brad is a wonderful Chiropractor! Friendly staff!

Jenae M. December 20th, 2016

Dr. Brad is not just my Chiropractor, but my back and left arm consider him a super star after several months of visits due to a car accident. He’s kind, compassionate, really listens, and guides you through the healing process with education of how the body works and to be an active participant in the recovery.

Denise B. January 3rd, 2015

I have had many chiropractors and Dr. Brad is a rare find. He is extremely thorough and kind. I can get nervous about adjustments but he is so patient and uses just enough pressure to get the adjustment that is needed.  Scheduling is easy.  I highly recommend you give him a try. He is the Best!

Z. Wish March 2023
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